Shure MEA at Gitex

Shure MEA at Gitex

by Chant Utukian
Senior Sales Manager, Shure MEA

As IT professionals know, technology is rapidly revolutionising not only how we live but how we work.

It means that the roles of the IT team are constantly expanding, which is why Gitex, the Middle East’s biggest technology tradeshow, is a must attend.

Not only is it where the world’s leading IT players, professionals and businesses come together to discuss the latest market trends but where they demonstrate and launch new and market changing products to help enhance your work.

As the IT team’s remit expands to include audio conferencing, Gitex is a great way for you to orientate yourselves within this new workspace. You can get to know Shure, how our products can equip you and your business for success as well as hear our advice, education and insight on the best audio solutions for you. 

After studying electronics engineering and working in telecommunications, I’ve seen these changes to the IT team’s workload first hand. Following more than a decade of experience working in AV, I’m now Shure MEA’s senior sales manager and will be heading up the team’s presence at this year’s Gitex. So what you can expect from Shure MEA at the show? Here’s a recap of what we did in 2018, what we’re planning for this year and where I believe audio solutions are heading next…

2018: It’s a digital world

Last year was our most successful ever Gitex. We aimed to show IT end users and professionals from the Middle East and Africa how we’re no longer using analogue systems. Now, it’s all about digital.

So we created a scenario to demonstrate this on our stand, integrating various products into one solution with everything connected to a network. We had two scenarios - a classroom style meeting room and a boardroom style meeting room - and we switched between the two. Our aim was to show how the system communicated between the various elements and the ease of set up with our P300 Audio Conferencing Processor and MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone.

It was very successful. AV professionals understood that the IT part of the project is more simple than they thought. This year, with our new software updates, we will demonstrate to IT teams that audio is no longer complicated as they previously believed either.

2019: We’ll be demonstrating greater synergy between our products

Our state-of-the-art stand at this year’s Gitex will feature two separate rooms, one demonstrating camera tracking, the other will be a room integrated with Zoom technology showcasing our MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone. Then we’ll open the partition at times to bring the two together, which will transform the rooms to a single large room with camera tracking and voice lift application, all with the help of our MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone.

We’ve chosen these products as we’ve realised we need to work harder to educate IT teams on integration. Audio can initially be a little overwhelming for IT to start off but we want to show that it doesn’t have to be complex at all. You already know many of the potential issues from your experience within IT. For the most part, audio conferencing systems can be set up, connected to the network and any third party products, then be operational within a couple of clicks.

Showing something like this on a show floor will be really challenging but hopefully rewarding for both you and us.

In addition to all this, we will also be demonstrating our award winning wireless discussion system, MXCW and our new range of wired discussion system, MXC.

The future: software to dominate audio conferencing

In the past, traditional conferencing solutions, such as hard codec, have been the norm.

But software-based solutions are the future. Everything is moving to digital and mobile can achieve a great deal now. Everyone expects corporate technology to be like your mobile phone - it can do anything you want almost instantly.

In video conferencing, hard codecs are old school. Software is simple to use and licensed, it can be on the network, on the cloud, everyone can connect via their own devices and start their calls. This is the future.

Innovation vs the day-to-day

You never know what to expect from the new technology on offer at Gitex. But it’s always exciting to experience the new. I love being surprised which is why I enjoy my role at Shure and work in AV.

But whether it be robotics, healthcare or education, IT decision makers are as occupied by what they need to do to keep business lights on as they are with embracing the future. Both offer great opportunities for you and us to work together and we’re looking forward to showing you how, in Dubai in October.


Find out more about Shure MEA at Gitex 2019 and visit us in Zabeel Hall, Stand: Z2-G1