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The IT Pro guide to audio collaboration

Technology has completely revolutionized how we communicate. From microphones to telephones, radios and speaker systems, we’ve been able to connect with each other – across vast distances – for over 100 years. Doing so has helped businesses, too – and ongoing developments in the AV space continue to deliver clearer, higher-quality audio, allowing organisations to communicate seamlessly with collaborators wherever they are in the world. Now, as we begin emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, keeping our businesses connected and working together effectively is more important than ever. It’s easy to take this for granted: run a meeting with faultless audio and everyone moves on with their day. Encounter problems and it can disrupt the flow and outcome of a collaboration. Quality audio is essential.

In this IT Pro report, we will cover everything from the benefits of investing in top-quality audio for your businesses, to the mechanics of designing a space to make the most out of your meetings.