Why you need to meet Shure at Cisco Live

Why you need to meet Shure at Cisco Live
AV has become business critical for corporate companies

Our history at Shure is microphones for rock and roll and live events. These are our iconic products that have made the brand known worldwide. In the last few years, corporate AV has become less about a few highly equipped rooms to every meeting space requiring the latest AV technology. It’s become a critical business need across organisations, and as such our customers have also changed from AV to IT Heads. This change has been driven by the adoption of video conferencing systems offered by the likes of Cisco. As Cisco has come to dominate video conferencing and the persona of the IT professional has changed, our solutions have developed to meet these evolving needs.

How Shure boosts your video conference

In many meeting scenarios, the biggest challenge is the lack of technical expertise from the user. Many end users demand an easy to use, reliable solution - they want to enter a room, to press a button and for it to work every time.

My background is in AV integration. Previously, the focus was on the video itself but now the challenge is matching audio quality to video. You can have a meeting with poor video, but if the audio doesn’t work or makes speech unintelligible the meeting will suffer and productivity declines.

Our recent third party research highlights the importance of audio in these environments. Over 80 per cent of professionals state that audio quality has the biggest impact on the success of a virtual meeting. Almost every user experiences some frustration in a video conference - and the majority of these are related to audio quality or sharing content. As an IT professional, the success of your role is based on a positive user experience. It just needs to work.

What to expect from Shure at Cisco Live

On our stand at Cisco Live, you won’t see shelves of equipment and hear impenetrable jargon. We will demonstrate complete solutions in a meeting scenario using Cisco products integrated with Shure devices to show how great audio not only boosts speech intelligibility but the whole of your meeting experience.

Our solutions help to make your job as easy as possible by ensuring audio is the best it can be, time after time. Visit Shure’s booth 23B at Cisco Live to learn more.