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The Circle of Frustration

The Impact of Poor Audio on Productivity and Collaboration

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As organizations strive for a competitive edge, the importance of having the right technology equipment and solutions continues to grow, especially as effective communication and collaboration are critical to performance and morale.

A circle of frustration emerges when organizations mandate a full return to the office, assuming it will resolve communication challenges, while some employees still work remotely, leading to hasty implementation of subpar audio conference technology.

Investing in quality audio solutions can optimize the work experience, improving team motivation, productivity, employee retention, organizational image, and overall well-being.

IDC research shows that 94% believe such investments enhance team motivation, 90% say it boosts productivity and meeting equity, and 73% feel more valued, contributing to improved decision-making and agility.

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*IDC Infobrief, sponsored by Shure, The Hidden Influencer: Rethinking Audio Could Impact Your Organization Today, Tomorrow, and Forever, doc #EUR150735523, July 2023


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