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HOTTOPICS.HT: Disruptive Workforce Roundtable Discussions

Organizations are constantly challenged by technology upgrades, regulatory implications, and more. Now, even the workforce is driving change. What's next?

The Studio invited Conor Whelan, CIO, Experian; Andy Caddy, recent CTO, Whitbread; Natascha Polderman, recent CIO, Control Risks; Jim Schanz, VP, Shure; and Andy Young, Managing Director, Talent & Organisation, Accenture UKI, to offer their insights into their own changing workforces.

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Excerpt: How has Control Risks’ workforce evolved over the last 5 years?


Excerpt: How are organizations coping with flexible working?

Excerpt: What vital skills will be required of tomorrow’s workforce?


Excerpt: How to ensure your workforce become the disruptors 

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