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PSNI Global Alliance is a network of elite technology integrators that solve AV and UCC challenges for customers around the world, every day. The Alliance designs, deploys, and supports best in-class solutions to enable and transform the way organizations work and live.

Shure invited PSNI’s Certified Solution Providers to share their perspective and experience regarding the collaboration technology requests and demands they receive and support every day.

Hear it from the integration experts…


User Needs & Demands

As many companies seek to solidify new workplace strategies, special attention needs to be paid to the remote workforce.

Read more about why workplace redesign extends well beyond the office.


Must-Have Collaboration Technologies

What technologies are needed to facilitate collaboration across dispersed teams? PSNI experts cover the basics and what they observe across organizations.


AV Device Compatibility & Standardization

Businesses want reassurance that they are making the right technology choices. Here, the importance of AV device compatibility and certification cannot be understated.

Read more about how to set up your conference room for flexible working models.


Technology Ease of Use & Standardization

Hear from the integration experts about what to consider when looking to standardize collaboration technology across your organization.


Performance Assessment

How to measure the performance of your collaboration environments? Here are some key questions that you should be asking.

Find out more about the hidden influencers that can affect your staff performance.

PSNI Buyer's Guides

Timely and to-the-point, tap into the experience of PSNI Global Alliance and discover a library of useful guides to educate your technology purchase decisions.

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