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Setting Up Your Conference Room for a Hybrid Workplace

The changing landscape of work

Many of us have been witness to an unplanned transformation, whereby the traditional 9-5 office culture has been replaced with a more balance hybrid or flexible working model.  Whilst hybrid working isn’t a new concept, it is hard to imagine another time in history where the work culture has experienced such a rapid shift as it has in the last three years.

With hybrid working not necessarily being a new concept, what is new is the increasing emphasis businesses of all kinds are placing to ensure they provide the best possible audio experience.  As a result, this is causing businesses to rethink what conferencing should look like and what equipment is needed in order to ensure employees collaborate more effectively and what it will take to keep them productive and engaged.

The new goal for IT is meeting equity, and this means that IT and businesses are increasing the level of importance given to ensure that their audio combines with all the various collaboration tools and technology to ensure that they work seamlessly and in harmony together.

Making the right technology choices

Creating a good hybrid meeting experience doesn’t just mean ensuring high-quality audio and video experiences for those joining virtually, it also means ensuring everyone an equal share of voice, regardless of whether they are inside or outside of the room. 

Therefore, to effectively support your employees today and in the future, businesses must have trust in their technology choices.  As a result, it is vital that businesses select products which are designed to work together as this will instill trust and confidence.

Ultimately high-quality audio is a prerequisite for great conference and meeting experiences, however there is a lot to consider when updating your meeting rooms, including whether your technology and connectivity choices will work seamlessly together, such as audio equipment with collaboration platforms such as  Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, and others.

Frost & Sullivan recently examined the topic of conference room setup and found two items that are commonly overlooked but have a significant effect on hybrid workplace efficiency.

Would you like to know what Frost & Sullivan have to say?

Then Click here to read what Frost & Sullivan have to say about how you can set up your conference room for a hybrid workplace and how certification and compatibility can help you deliver better collaborative outcomes.



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