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Wireless Excellence, Across Your Entire Campus



Digital Wireless System for Higher Education


From classrooms to remote learning, SLX-D Digital Wireless Microphone Systems enhances the teaching and learning experience by providing high-quality audio with enhanced speech intelligibility for in-person and virtual classes and events. Shure’s legacy in digital wireless technology means that SLX-D will not drop out in the middle of a lecture or performance, with rechargeable batteries keeping the class uninterrupted.


• Campus wide sound reinforcement for classrooms, auditoriums and performances venues.
• Remote Learning
• Lecture Capture

Why it's better

• Easy setup: gets you up and running quickly, even when configuring multiple systems.
• Increase Comprehension: high-quality digital audio with >118 dB dynamic range enhances the speech intelligibility of the teacher’s voice.
• No more classroom down time: SLX-D maintains stable signals with high efficiency for rock-solid, reliable performance.
• Meet your needs across every building on campus:
• Instructors can choose, headset, lavalier or handheld microphone for complete wireless freedom in small classrooms or large lecture halls.
• Half-rack and dual full-rack receiver options.
• Up to 8 hours of use from either 2AA batteries (included) or optional Li-Ion rechargeable batteries and charging accessories.
• High spectrum efficiency: more wireless microphones can be used at the same time, which is useful when several classrooms are close to each other.
• Durable construction and ergonomic design: comfortable mic options that can withstand regular use.

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