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Audio Networking in India

Audio networking has been adopted by a significant number of companies and organizations in India. The market may be in early developments when compared with other markets, but it is rapidly changing.

Key drivers in shift to audio networking in India

Consultants/integrators - they are aware that devices can be added to the network, whether it be audio or other pieces of hardware. If they investigate the potential for audio to sit on the network, then they are usually happy to implement this.

Global companies - offices in India can tap into the skills and experience of UK or US-based staff to learn about new innovations in video conferencing, including audio networking. 

Use of IT-friendly language by manufacturers and audio teams - everybody in the ecosystem is trying to speak the same language when it comes to audio networking and making AV technology IT-friendly. So when audio is discussed in terms that the IT customer easily understands, then this helps speed up adoption.


Key challenges/concerns/trends for audio networking

Security is something people always ask about when adding a device to a network. how secure is it? Does it compromise or jeopardize our IT security in any way?

Anything that goes on a corporate network comes under corporate IT and they need to ensure a device is secure enough not to compromise their organization or business. 


It pays to keep on top of new features, updates, and innovations within the market to ensure you’re getting the most from your audio solutions and network. 


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