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How to Implement New Audio Solutions in Existing Office Infrastructures/Scenarios in India

There are many challenges we see in terms of applying audio solutions to existing infrastructures in India. Here are some essentials to consider:


1. Aesthetics and audio need to be in harmony

In many scenarios, developers only consider aesthetics. They want a room of glass walls but don’t understand the implications this has for audio. Both aesthetics and audio need to be in harmony to achieve good audio results from your video conference.  

2. Audio needs to be integrated earlier in room plans 

Architects make decisions on aesthetics which has implications for the position of a microphone in a room. And this can impede an audio solution. Audio needs to be included early in a room design or retro fit out wherever possible.  

3. When applying an audio solution, consider all aspects - not just the microphone 

In most meeting rooms, Shure's microphone or processor is just one of the many products in a solution. The knowledge of putting them all together to get the best audio is the biggest challenge - and this is where expertise is most lacking. 

4. Make sure any integrators are properly certified  

System integrators are often too busy focusing on finding projects and securing new work. It means they do not attend the training or learning opportunities. So if you are looking to hire someone to integrate, make sure they are certified. 

5. Don’t be afraid of updating a system/product

Updates to products can help improve an audio solution. In many cases among IT teams dealing with the audio, if something works, then they are loathed to update it. But doing so can help improve speed, intelligibility, and more… 

6. Troubleshoot and analyze issues effectively 

The approach around troubleshooting and analyzing any issues is usually too blunt. Instead, it needs to be more sophisticated with all potential impacts considered. If this isn't the case, then unwanted issues can arise. A more professional approach to implementation and troubleshooting can mean fewer issues and less work. 


Video conferencing in India is changing and audio is increasingly recognized as an integral part of the solution, particularly as a new generation of audio/IT professionals comes through. 

In India, we are on a steadily upwards trajectory in terms of knowledge, experience, and the importance with which audio is viewed when it comes to business communications. 

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