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The adjective hybrid is becoming redundant to describe work. Nowadays, there is general acceptance across most business sectors and geographies that acknowledge many workers are not tied to a single physical workplace and can carry out tasks from multiple locations.

This approach suits both the employee and the worker – enabling far more flexibility in work-life balance, while bringing the advantages of agility, greater collaboration, and enhanced customer service to the broader workplace.

Yet despite this, IDC data suggests that offices designed in pre-pandemic times are no longer fit for the purpose of hybrid work. In fact, the very purpose of many offices is under question. This has a lot to do with the tools made available to employees and a failure to evolve these at the same pace as the changing requirements of the workforce.

Audio quality is often not the major concern when specifying products and solutions for Hybrid meetings, however there is a body of scientific research that shows audio quality has a major effect on individual and group productivity.

According to the latest IDC Future of Work Survey, roughly 1 out of 3 organizations were redefining the workplace in 2022, a trend which is expected to continue throughout 2023 and beyond. The main reasons for going to the office have clearly shifted in the last three years with a much stronger focus on on-site collaboration and training. 38% of organizations indicate that collaboration is a key driver for office redesign together with cost savings and employee retention.



Office space planning has been identified as the most important office tech investment. The whole user journey of employees around the workplace is now being reimagined, placing collaboration at the center of the equation. As such, nearly a third of companies are focusing on smart meeting room management and dedicated collaboration spaces.

The success of workplace transformation relies on effective communication.  Improved meeting and conferencing audio solutions can help address meeting room challenges and make the collaboration journey a pleasurable and fruitful experience for all involved.

This Vendor Spotlight from IDC examines how improved meeting and conferencing audio solutions can help address meeting room challenges.

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