Effortless connection between office-based and remote-working employees helps to maintain productivity in exceptional times.



Organizations across all sectors have relied on remote voice and video collaboration solutions to keep colleagues connected throughout the recent global lockdown. Now, as employees gradually return to the workplace, what next for audio video (AV) collaboration?

Not all employees will return to the office immediately – if at all. So, it’s important to provide the same audio quality to your home-based employees as you do to those using meeting rooms at work. It’s how you’ll maintain the productivity you need to survive and thrive in the months ahead.



In a  on behalf of Shure, the top five frustrations in virtual meetings were cited as: difficulty connecting, background noise, echo, audio cutting out, difficulties hearing each person. Sound familiar? It’s a situation faced by many organizations during the recent lockdown. That’s understandable. With the impact of COVID-19 hitting so fast, there was little time to plan for new working behaviors. But it isn’t sustainable as the workplace opens up again.

With Shure AV solutions, you’ll create a consistent audio experience. From anywhere.

Easily integrated with existing technology

Inherent security with wireless encryption

Minimal contact solutions for a post-COVID workplace

High-quality audio for all size rooms in new-look workplaces

Seamlessly connecting remote workers with the enterprise


New ideas. New thinking for effortless communication.

New ways of working are helping to ensure business continuity. What do you need to support seamless collaboration from everywhere in the modern workplace?

Read our blogs and papers for insight into new AV trends, including the growth of videoconferencing, the need for more well-equipped meeting and learning spaces, and the decentralization of corporates with a rapid uptake of remote working.

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