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Key Things

You'll need to consider futureproof your

audio networking capabilities 

58% of respondents to an independent survey IT professionals said their corporate networking infrastructure is either falling short of requirements or will fall short soon. So, at some point in the near future you're likely to need to review and plan your framework. 


Do you have, and can you maintain, enough capacity in your corporate network?

BE AWARE: You will probably want to work with or consult audio engineers here around how much bandwidth you'll need

TIP: Choose suppliers wisely and leverage their knowledge and experience to the fullest


How can you ensure the audio network doesn't put the broader infrastructure at risk?

BE AWARE: Devices that require network options may not allow for sufficient future proofing

TIP: Whether you use one or multiple subnets or VLANs will depend on the scale and complexity of your audio environment - but keep it as simple as possible to avoid unwanted data breaches


How do you ensure that audio and other workloads coexist harmoniously?

BE AWARE: Devices can be chosen that complicate interoperability and disrupt settled networks

TIP: Audio networking should be prioritized and managed alongside other competing workloads - have a clear idea of when you should throttle the AV system to maintain performance of other applications, or vice versa


How does everyone work together from decision-making to operation?

BE AWARE: Unless you proactively build relationships and work collaboratively with AV, the risk is that they could make decisions that will come back to bite you, them, and the business as a whole

TIP: Get the various parties / stakeholders together to talk things through.  It may sound simple but if there's a will to work together, establishing an effective approach to governance shouldn't be too hard

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