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Acoustics Demystified


It’s common these days to find meeting spaces that feature the latest audio and video conferencing technology with a view to enabling the best possible meeting experience for users. However, one area that is often overlooked when rooms are being designed and configured is that of room acoustics.

No matter how much is spent on technology, it’s a simple fact that it’s impossible for it to entirely combat poor acoustics. However, the art of acoustic design is often perceived to be highly technical and expensive meaning it can be overlooked. With that in mind, this white paper aims to demystify acoustics by providing easy to follow detail on the questions to ask, the processes to follow and the checks to make to ensure your AV conference calls sound the best they possibly can.



Room acoustics is a broad term that describes how sound waves behave within a room. Each room, and all the objects in it, will react differently to different frequencies of sound. Factors such as the size of the space, shape, ceiling height and materials within a room will all affect its acoustics.

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