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Thinking of upgrading your meeting space collaboration system to support a new era of work? New workplace demands and cloud adoption are forcing a rethink of audio equipment and services. Recent research reveals how flawless audio is helping to deliver the leading driver for modern technology investments – boosting teamwork.


Here are the top 5 drivers for tech investments today:

  1. Improve teamwork
    Whether working from home or in office spaces, all meeting participants, require excellent audio to be fully engaged. And with 82% of managers expecting to have more flexible work-from-home policies post-pandemic, it’s time to prepare for the future of distributed teamwork.


  1. Improve information management
    Can your remote workforce share data easily with colleagues in the office; and engage seamlessly in discussions about that information – from anywhere? Leading organizations are pairing conferencing services with intelligent audio devices that take meetings to new levels of productivity and efficiency.


  1. Improve customer experience
    Statistics show a massive shift of professionals to working from home during COVID-19, with many wanting to continue with this after the pandemic. They’ll need great equipment, including headphones and earphones with built-in microphones, to ensure flawless engagement with their customers.


  1. Reduce operational costs
    The traditional deployment of conferencing technology is costly and outmoded. The world has shifted to flexible cloud-based deployment and consumption models, reducing operating costs and offering richer functionality that addresses a variety of use cases. And with strong growth in cloud services adoption, today’s professionals also have a broad range of communications apps and modalities to choose from.


  1. Improve effectiveness
    70% of senior managers say that meetings are unproductive and inefficient. Give your teams seamless high-quality audio in meeting rooms to filter out background noise and enhance focus; reduce the need to repeat information; and lessen participant fatigue and frustration.


Find out more about how an ecosystem approach to cloud, technology and services assures the delivery of best-in-class audio here or read the Frost & Sullivan report here.
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