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4 Reasons Why Technologies are Being Replaced


As IT and business leaders prepare for the future of work, they are replacing old technologies and upgrading how they communicate and collaborate.

Research reveals several reasons to replace old technology:

  • 35% Quality and reliability issues
  • 34% Security concerns
  • 26% Limited interoperability with 3rd party solutions
  • 25% Lack of latest features and capabilities


A New Reason to Upgrade AV Video Conferencing Tech

This year, research found that the number of people working from home had soared, with many saying they wanted to continue to work remotely post COVID-19.

These numbers have continued to rise.

71% of workers want to continue working from home.

Remote participants should not be at a disadvantage – they need to hear and be heard within the conversation. This demands investment in high quality, reliable and easy to use audio solutions.

Read the Frost & Sullivan report here.

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