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Flawless audio

for effective collaboration in a Hybrid world

4 ways to make it happen

57% of teams expect to be in the office less than 10 days each month*. Hybrid work is here to stay. You must prepare for the long-term. AV and IT leaders can increase the value of their audio-video conferencing. Discover how audio can be a foundational tool for teams’ engagement and success.
*source Cisco Systems 2021.

Think Beyond Video to Embrace Flawless Audio

Successful hybrid work requires to prioritize the audio challenges that teams face today.

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Flawless Audio Boosts Effective Collaboration

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Rethink traditional centralized workflows and meetings 

Design personal and group workspaces for your distributed teams.


Deploy collaboration technologies that strengthen everyone’s engagement in meetings

whether participants join from home, office workstations or meeting rooms.


Choose the flexibility of a product portfolio that works together 

to address your organization’s diverse collaboration spaces. 


Assess your environment

to continually optimize scale and performance.

Learn more in this latest research from Frost & Sullivan on team engagement and success with best-in-class audio ecosystems

Experts on the topic

The effect of poor audio experiences on staff well-being negatively impacts productivity, which has significant cost repercussions on the organization. Businesses must prevent avoidable disruptions and ensure resources are appropriated to technologies that make the most impact.

Robert Arnold
Principal Analyst of Connected Work research
Frost & Sullivan

By investing in the right equipment, AV and IT leaders are not only enhancing the workplace but also providing their teams with an environment where everyone feels involved

Robin Hamerlinck
Senior Vice President IT and CIO

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